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Skúli is the social learning platform for creative learning, communication & collaboration.

About Skúli

Skúli promotes motivation & self-directed learning based on a unique environment and intelligent networking – technology becomes invisible. The focus is on learning itself, sharing knowledge and collaborating with others.

Our vision: An inspiring and open learning environment

Skúli playfully enables collaborative learning, intuitive understanding, creative work, helping as well as inspiring each other. We are here to unleash the fun in learning together.  

Creative learning



What drives us

  • 70% of children do not have sufficient access to digital learning platforms
  • Social inequality due to limited access to education
  • Current software only represents lessons rudimentarily
  • Poor technical infrastructure
  • Teaching staff shortage 

There is a historic opportunity for change today. DIGITALISATION NOW!


We talked to many teachers

»The video tool for school lessons has not worked properly even once so far and part of the lessons were missed!«

SOLUTION: Optimal conference tool for school lessons

»Absurd: Our LMS only allows files up to 2MB. I have to reduce and upload each scan individually.«

SOLUTION: Simple and effective file management

» My class is overcrowded. I don’t have enough time for children with special needs nor for those with special talents.«

SOLUTION: Sets of individual and differentiated tasks

» Why can’t I make good digital tools like History-Timeline or French Pronunciation available to my students?«

SOLUTION: App integration

» Why does it take five apps to do one task? It can’t be that hard to create an easier solution for this«

SOLUTION: All-in-one

…and parents

»Our child needs good and affordable help.«

for tutoring

»Even if our child has to self-isolate, it should not fall behind.«


»Our three kids have to share one old computer.«

Mobile First
enables participation

»Our daughter’s school bag is far too heavy.«

Marketplace for
digital content
& school books

»We can’t afford more extra expenses.«

Valuable & free

»Data protection for children is absolutely vital!«

No disclosure
of data
& ad-free

Want to learn more about the Skúli platform?

Our service team is ready to answer all your questions. 


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